Autoflowering seeds. What are they?

What are autoflowering or automatic seeds?

The origin of most of this type of seed is in areas with a cold climate (Asia, Russia, etc.), where the plants only find the conditions conducive to their development during 3 or 4 months of the year. The original of this seed is the Rudelaris, it is the seed with which all the others began to cross, to give the birth of the multiple varieties of autoflowering that we know today. The main characteristics of our beloved autoflowering seed are the following:

- They do not depend on any photoperiod to flourish

- You can make several harvests in the same year

- They have a cycle of 2 to 3 months, much shorter than the feminized ones.

- You can program the harvests since their cycle is fixed, with a beginning and an end.

- Lower risk of pest infestation due to its short life cycle.

Our autoflowering seeds are a good option for all types of users, for novices because they do not have a great need to control too many parameters, for experts and veterans because they can carry out several harvests in the same year and thus optimize their planting by deciding the dates within certain parameters and for more urban growers, since they do not acquire a large size.

Within the cultivation of autoflowering seeds we can distinguish 2 large types of crops, how could it be otherwise, with small differences and great similarities. We are going to highlight some characteristics of each type of crop:

Indoor cultivation

 -Fast growth due to its short life cycle.

- Cycles with a specific beginning and end, between 2 and 3 months, depending on the variety chosen.

- Low risk of pests.

- Discreet plant size.

 Outdoor cultivation

- Flexible calendar thanks to its independence from the photoperiod.

- Several harvests in the same year.

- No need to worry about light pollution.

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