Feminised seeds, What are they?

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are obtained by "forcing" a female cannabis plant to become hermaphrodite and with its pollen fertilize other female plants.

Our feminized seeds have been obtained after carrying out a process of many years of selection, meticulously detailed and supervised by our experts through which we cross female cannabis plants for several generations, selecting the best seeds not before having passed the most scrupulous filters and demands of our geneticists.

These could be the main characteristics of feminized seeds distinguishing between indoor cultivation and outdoor cultivation:

- Indoor cultivation

Programmable cycles, these plants are photodependent. In the vegetative phase the plant needs 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. When the photoperiod is changed to 12h of light and 12h of darkness, the flowering period will begin, with which you can decide when the plant grows without flowering.

With these seeds we can make mothers or cloning, since through their cuttings we can make another crop to obtain another plant with the same characteristics.

- Outdoor cultivation.

With a more rigid calendar marked by the photoperiod, we have a maximum time to plant them; in the southern hemisphere normally between March and June, as well as for the harvest, which will be between September and October.

These plants reach a considerable size. We can mold the shape of our plant thanks to the possibility of pruning it in the vegetative period.

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