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Thanks to the time invested by our experts cultivating and developing increasingly stable strains, with extensive achievements and well-known successes since 2001, we have managed to position ourselves as one of the most important breeders in the area. Now we make the leap to direct distribution of our own seeds with our brand, SMB Seeds.

SMB Seeds offers feminized, autoflowering and regular seeds, keeping that if the main characteristics of its ancestors, since we are very careful with the strain, with its roots, with its genes.

We do not consider ourselves a mass production bank, whose sole objective is nothing more than the sale itself. Rather we are a team in love with our work, enjoying hemp and its different applications day by day, all with a common goal, to share with the rest of the community our most exquisite products, our know-how and of course, our fabulous seeds marijuana.

For this reason, and in order not to disappoint our clients, all seeds are subjected to rigorous quality controls:

- We thoroughly test all our seeds to ensure their genetic purity.

- All SMB Seeds seeds are selected manually, without any mechanization, to offer the best seeds we have.

- We are very selective in terms of the strains and genetics of our seeds, NothermLight, Haze, White Widow, etc.

- We keep our mothers, organic mothers.

- We only cross elite specimens to avoid genetic malformations or even hermaphroditism.

- We germinate seeds daily in order to corroborate our very high germination percentage.

- The temperature in terms of seed conservation is essential, so we always keep them at an ideal temperature for it.

- The containers used by SMB Seeds are high resistance containers, where they prevent light from penetrating, something important to keep in mind for their conservation.

- Humidity, an important factor that if we do not have control in the conservation of seeds, can play tricks on us. That is why all our containers have mechanisms to avoid an inadequate degree of humidity.

As you can see, we always do everything possible to obtain an unbeatable result, thus offering you better performance, a pleasant taste and an excellent result. Obviously, the end result will always depend on a large percentage of the cultivator's skill and experience. If you need any advice, improve your technique or simply would like to tell us something, you should know that the SMB SEEDS Team is at your disposal.

With our best wishes.

SMB Seeds Team.

Quality seeds,

Seeds with guarantee.

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