We take care of our seeds

A small example of how at Smb Seeds we take care of our seeds.

-We hand select the best marijuana seeds, so that our clients enjoy the highest quality.

-We manually clean the marijuana seeds from plant debris.

-We classify them by size and choose only the best ones.

Our team of SMB SEEDS works rigorously when selecting the best marijuana seeds, thanks to our experience and the weekly germination tests that we do on our seeds, you will be able to acquire quality seeds and 100% guaranteed.

Controlled storage for optimal preservation

The containers that store the SMB SEEDS seeds are properly conditioned. The temperature and humidity are continuously controlled to achieve optimal conservation of marijuana seeds. Our seeds are kept at a temperature around 6-7º and with a relative humidity of around 10-20% and always in an environment of total darkness to protect our seeds from light, which is another factor that causes loss. the germination power of cannabis seeds.

 Original packaging for safe transport

Marijuana seeds are packaged and transported to your home in Eppendorf microtubes. Cannabis seeds and Silica Gel are placed in these light and strong tubes. The gel acts as a humidity regulator and thus maintains the natural qualities of cannabis seeds. If you want to keep your seeds for later planting, the ideal would be to keep them in your fridge, if possible in the vegetable drawer, since this drawer is where your refrigerator keeps the highest temperatures.

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