Welcome to the SMB Seeds website, our seed bank where you can find a wide catalog of feminized, auto-feminized and auto-regular marijuana seeds.

After many years of experience working as breeders, our own team of experts have managed to ensure that our strains are not only stable, but also provide them with unparalleled aromatic, taste and production characteristics.

All our feminized seeds (99.9%) have been selected and developed under the strictest quality controls, sterile environments and suitable for this purpose. In this way, our end customer will receive a product that will not leave them indifferent, a quality product.

In our bank, you can find a wide variety of marijuana seeds, at a truly affordable price, almost 40% cheaper than other banks.

 Why SMB Seeds ?.

Because we do not buy seeds from other banks or briders, our genetics and strains are our own.

Because we prefer to sell at a reasonable price rather than invest in merchandising.

Because we like to expand varieties that we believe do a common good to our society, such as certain medicinal varieties.

Not only can you buy cannabis seeds on our website, but also on our blog, you can find an extensive section on how to grow, tips on organic farming and a host of interesting posts that can help you with the typical tasks of this plant. For this reason, we recommend that you visit it, as it can be useful and interesting.

We hope that our website will be of great help to you and if you have any doubts, questions or advice, please send it to us.

Thank you for trusting Smb Seeds Team.

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