Fertilizers YES, Fertilizers NO,?

Our particular and personal opinion is that when we grow and more if it is for our own consumption, it is not necessary to add any type of substance as long as we have controlled all other factors, such as humidity, temperature, guarantee regarding our seed , quality substrate, light and lumens, water pH, electroconductivity etc.

Why do we think like this? For various reasons:

1.-The products we add to our plants is what we then ingest to a lesser or greater extent.

2.-Economic question. It is one more addition, the economic expense in fertilizers, which we have to add to our harvest.

3.-Probability of over-fertilizing plants.If we do not fertilize with an adequate dosage or common sense, we can burn the roots, so that our crop will perish in a very short time.

4.-Probability of proliferation of pests.

There are certain types of fertilizers or substances, which in abusive proportions, help the proliferation of pests, such as flies, fungi, etc.

It is also true that when we add additional fertilizers to our plants, we will achieve a considerable increase in terms of production, growth, flowering, development in general.

Obviously the choice will always be yours, but we want to give you two little tips:

a) Acquire organic fertilizers as much as possible.

b) Apply them sparingly, common sense. Not because we try more, we will get better results.

c) And keep in mind when purchasing fertilizers, that the main nutrients of these plants are:

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Boron,

Molybdenum, Zinc

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