How many hours of light for our indoor?

How many hours of light does a cannabis plant need to grow?

We consider that in the period of growth indoors, the ideal hours of light are 16 to 20 hours. We should not let our plants, in the growing periods, have less than 16 hours of light. These hours are ideal for feminized plants.

For automatic plants we recommend up to 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. We consider that the latter is the best relationship for the growth of our plants.

We know of the existence of some currents, which bet on a period of 24 hours of light, but we do not agree with it, since we believe that like all living beings, a plant needs its period of relaxation and rest, where others are carried out. vital functions.

 So we do not recommend periods of 24 hours of light under any circumstances.

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