Red clover creates a green mulch that improves soil quality.

Red clover (Trifolium pratense), like white clover, is an outstanding companion plant. It fixes atmospheric nitrogen in its root nodules and acts as a green mulch. The benefits of red clover are numerous. They provide natural isoflavonoids, water-soluble compounds that act like estrogens, which is why they are so effective in treating menopausal symptoms and help prevent osteoporosis. Red clover is a great help in quitting tobacco smoking and is rich in minerals.

 As the plant withers the fixed nitrogen is released. The surrounding crops, including flowering marijuana, become more intense green colors thanks to this slow supply of mineral-rich green mulch. Strong and resistant to various weather conditions, red clover keeps the soil friable, so water is better filtered and retained. The pink flowers will attract nectar-loving species to your crop, but the power of red clover is comparable to that of a fertilizer.

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